A large scale and the most challenging race in the Ural

A large scale Ural Adventure Race is taking place in June. Rocks, lakes, coves, mountains in the surroundings of the Ural mountings turn for two days into adventurous jungles full of challenge and sport surprises. Professional sportsmen compete along with newcomers, though everyone is to choose a category in the race which they are able to cope with: 6-hour-race for hiking lovers, 8-hour-race – for cyclists and 24-hour-race – for real multisportsmen.

Sports orientation, cycling, tracking, rowing, climbing and also “secret disciplines” – all the stages are getting prepared for the participants. 

Each team are to choose their own goal, order and pace in which to take the stages depending on their physical strength. The format of the competition allows the participants to come back to the base camp at any moment, where they are provided with hot meal, comfortable lodging and technical service of high standard.

Last year results

  • More than 300 people took place in the race.
  • 8000 people visited the race website.
  • The rout of about 165km was overcome by the race leaders for 22 hours.

The race slogan “Challenge yourself” 100% justified itself!

Total abundance

A lot of those who love adventure and active leisure time got interested in the race. More than 300 sportsmen from the Urals and also from Novosibirsk, Perm, Izhevsk, Naberezhnye Chelny and Moscow took place in the Ural Adventure Race last year. 

Last year participants’ feedback

Eugenia (team “BuzzBuzz”)

A lot of thanks to organizers!!! It was such a challenging overcoming of our fears! Organization was great, contests were interesting! We’ll come again by all means!!!


Alexander (team ”Both Two”)

It was incredible! We took part in LiteRun. We admire the organizers and, particularly, the author of the map and the rout. I really had to try myself, although a competition like that was a new kind of experience. ( It was the third time I had tried orientation.)


Tatyana (team “Not Mooses”)

I liked the atmosphere of the event. It seemed there wasn’t any rivalry, but only friendliness and solidarity. And, of course, I hope, this race is going to become traditional. 

The next race will be 4-5 of june 2016

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