1. Project goals


-organizing unique world level competition in Russia

-getting familiar with nature of the Ural Mountains

-promoting trailrunning

-development the spirit of adventures

-organizing the great show with length of 3000 km and lasting 4 years

2. Project description


This is the first international ultra-trail race in Russia. Competitions will take place every year during the next 4 years from 2014 to 2017. At each stage participants run from start to finish point along the Europe-Asia border. The route will go through amazing parts of the Ural Mountains. During 4 years participants have the opportunity to see stunning sceneries of Southern Ural (July, 2014), Central Ural (2015), Northern Ural (2016) and Arctic (Polar) Ural (2017)


3. Time and place of the first stage


The first stage of the international race TransUral will take place on 16-20th of July 2014 in the Southern Ural. Base camp is located in the village ‘Zyuratkul’, Chelyabinsk Region. This is 30 km to the south-east from the town Satka. Event center is located on the territory of the recreation resort “Eco Park “Zyuratkul”.


You can use your own transport to reach the base camp or you can take bus №4 from bus station of the town Satki. Also you can order the transfer from the town Satka to the village Zyuratkul and back when registering online.


Base camp of the race in the village Zyuratkul


Google-map of the event center

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