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The first stage of the TransUral will take place on the Southern Ural. During 4 days participants will run through the 6 summits including the highest top of the region the Iremel mountain (1582 m). The route will go through the amazing ridges of the Zyuratkul national park - Nurgush, Zyuratkul, Urenga. The base camp is located on the shore of the lake Zyuratkul. The lake Zyuratkul is one of the most mountain placed lakes of the European part of Russia.


The mountain Big Iremel is the symbol of beauty of Southern Ural. Big Iremel attracts people for visiting at all times. In translation “Iremel’ means ‘Sacred Mountain’. Majestic and hospitable Iremel looks like a stately monument. It is nature monument showing beauty of the nature.


The mountain Big Nurgush (1496m) is the highest top of the Chelyabinsk region.  Beautiful mountain tundra plateau is area of 9 km? and extends almost the entire length of the ridge Nurgush. In translation from Bashkir (local) language ‘Nurgush’ means ‘shiny, radiant bird’. Perhaps Nurgush is called so because of glittering white quartzite ridges or perhaps, because of habitants often see flying lights of unknown origin at night in the area of the ridge.


The ridge Urenga extends 65 km to the south from the town Zlatoust, till headwaters of the Ai River. Ridge landscapes vary, and beside screes and rocks there are subalpine meadows and landscapes which are similar to mountain tundra.


The lake Zyuratkul is the most outstanding monument of the Ural nature. 12 sites of ancient people discovered on the lake shore. They belong to two periods: the Mesolithic period that means that age of the sites are 12 thousand years, and Neolithic period, the age is 3-6 thousand years. The largest and most ancient geoglyphs in the world was found on the southern slope of the ridge Zyuratkul in autumn of 2011. This is a huge picture of a moose on the ground. The estimated age of the image is about 8000 years.


National park Zyuratkul is one of the the wonderful and mysterious Southern Ural places. It has another, no less nice, name of this piece of paradise – Sinegorie (literally means “blue mountains”). Magnificent forests surrounding the lake amaze with the dazzling whiteness in winter and emerald green colors shimmering in the sunlight in summer. Sometimes forested ridges look blue.


Photos of the area of the TransUral first stage:

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