Technical information

Race day

Length, km

Ascent, m

1st, the run to Nurgush



2nd, the run along the range Urenga



3rd, the run to Iremel (Vertical kilometer)



4th, the run along the range Zyuratkul



Short routes description


1st day, the run to Nurgush. This is trail to the highest top of the range Nurgush, 1406m. Track goes on the area of Moskal and Nurgush ranges. Start and finish are at the base camp.


2nd day, the run along the Urenga range. The track goes from the town Zlatoust to the village Zyuratkul along the Urenga range with visiting of the 1st (1155m) and 2nd (1198m) hills.  Start is from M5 road and finish is at base camp.


3rd day, the run to top of Iremel. Start is located in the village Tyulyuk. Iremel is the second highest top of the Southern Ural, 1582m. The format of the race is “Vertical kilometer”. Participants should run the distance to ascend 1 km of height. Finish check point will be placed on the top of the mountain. Time at the check point at the top will be considered in results. Participants go back down in own pace but must keep within the given time limit. Time spent on the way back is not considered in the results. Finish is in the village Tyulyuk.


4th day, the run along the range Zyuratkul. This is marathon distance, 42km, along the range Zyuratkul (1175m) with visiting the top Golaya Sopka (1055m). Start and finish are at the base camp


Route maps and elevation profiles of the legs will be published in an additional bulletin. Outline maps are available on Google-map.


Preliminary outline maps on each day:

TransUral first stage
Iremel map

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